Cashflow Report Updates – June and October

Over the holidays, I lost some files from my hard drive. I’m still in the process of figuring out what is missing, but the most important set of documents lost was the folder containing all my charts/graphs/spreadsheets for option trading.

Needless to say, I was a little less than happy. The silver lining is that being forced to recreate trading logs made a 2011 year-end review very easy.

As I pulled things together, I noticed that there was an error in two of my previous cashflow reports. I’ve updated the posts, and am in the process of creating a graph that reflects these changes for my December cashflow report and the 2011 Year In Review.

The first error occurred in June; shareholders of EDC received a dividend (paid in June) and a short-term capital gain (paid in July). At the time, I assumed that both were paid on the same date (in June). Unfortunately, the change means that I came up short of the June cashflow goal by $44. Considering I surpassed my July cashflow goal by $400+, I decided that I can still call June a success.

The second error occurred in October; I sold two calls against ERX, but just didn’t add the premiums together properly. The cashflow was $914 instead of $1,014.


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