December Option Investing – Covered Calls

A shortened trading week due to the Thanksgiving holiday was still enough time for equities to fall heavily.

Markets were back in a correction as of November 17th, so the decline wasn’t too surprising.

On the covered call front, TMF and EDC calls were exercised…sort of. Remember those EDC1 calls that accompanied the reverse split earlier this month? They were exercised! 60 shares were removed from my account, leaving me with positions in DRN, FAS, ERX, and 40 shares of EDC.

Orders were entered Monday, and here is where I ended up.

  • DRN – $43.00 calls @ $4.10
  • EDC – $79.00 calls @ $5.30
  • FAS – $54.00 calls @ $3.20 (These calls expired Nov. 25th)
  • ERX – $41.00 calls @ $5.20
  • TMF – $72.00 calls @ $4.35

About T. Knight
Blogging about my journey to financial independence via investing for cashflow.

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