Top Secret Goldman Report

Zero hedge uploaded a top secret report on the state of the market from Goldman. Definitely an interesting read!

In summary, Goldman proposed key trades for Europe are:

  • Buy 5Y Protection on iTraxx Series 9 9-100% Tranche
  • Buy 6 Month EURCHF One-Touch Put Option

While on China Goldman recommends its best clients to the following:

  • Buy a Short Equity Total Return Swap on Chinese Banks
  • Buy a USD put CNY Call Option
  • Buy Short-Dated CNH Bonds (Dim Sum Bonds)
  • Buy AUDUSD Put Spreads or Receiver Swaptions on AUD Swap Rates
  • Buy Copper Put Option spread

Here It Is: Presenting Goldman’s “The World Is Ending So Let’s All Profit” Report
Zero Hedge
State of the Markets – Long and Short Risk Strategies


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