Market In Correction (via Invest Safely)

With all the volatility in DRN and EDC this week, I figured something was up.

Needless to say, with the market in a correction, I have a feeling my options will expire (which is the good news).

The bad news is that I actually wanted them to be exercised so I could try something a little different in March-April.

I've been traveling this week…so wouldn't you know that the market decided it was time to make a change. Another reason to practice safe investing; you don't have to be at the wheel every single second. At the end of the trading day on March 7th, market action dictated that we have entered a correction. Sure enough, "The Big Picture" column in IBD started with the headline "Stocks Fall as Market Picture Worsens". The column went on to say:The c … Read More

via Invest Safely


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