What’s on the mind of Barry Ritholtz

Mr. Ritholtz produced a great post about things that are on his mind as of late. Several of those are also things that I have wondered about over the past year. It is great to see that I am not alone!

For example:

4. Wisdom consists (in part) of learning what to keep and what to discard. What you purposefully sequester and do not read is just as important as what you do consume.

This is similar to the quote from Bruce Lee: Absorb what is useful; Disregard that which is useless

For the rest of the thought-provoking article, follow the link below.

A Dozen Random Things I Am Thinking About . . .
The Big Picture – Barry Ritholtz – November 30th, 2010


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  1. Murray Gramc says:

    Hi, Reading a website is a real pleasure, thanks !

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